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Your Guardian Angels for Home Improvement


Whether you are looking to update a kitchen or bathroom or add a four season porch, we can help.

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Are you looking to sell your home and get into something smaller? Home Advocate can help you prepare, fix and sell your home.

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It can be tough to find any professional you know you can trust. Home Advocate was built on trust and would love to prove it to you.

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We match you up up with the perfect, fully vetted contractor for your projects.

Home Advocate Madison is here to help you get your home renovation project done smoothly.

You’ve wanted this home renovation project done for a long time, and now the time has come.  But who can you get to help you with your remodeling project?  Who do you trust? Are they going to get the job done correctly and on time?  How is their pricing?  Is it fair?

No one seems to be answering your calls.  Emails you send get no replies.  You are ready to make this project a reality, and no remodeler seems to want to help you.

Home Advocate Madison is here to help.  We are on your side.  We answer all of our calls, respond quickly to emails and work with trusted and vetted home renovation professionals to get your remodeling jobs done.  This saves you time, frustration and money.

With Home Advocate Madison by your side, you can get to enjoying your new space faster, with much less hassle.  Enjoy the good life.

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Watch as we discuss the difference between a general contractor and the home advocate.

We discuss how great communication can make your home improvement project go much smoother.

Also, listen as we introduce our Home Analysis service, a way to check on the best bang for your buck for your home remodeling dollar.

How do we vet our home renovators?

The Home Advocate Madison standard: only the best and most trusted contractors and trades people.
How we vet our home renovation professionals:
1) License and insurance - all licenses and insurance must be up to date
2) One-on-one interviews. we interview contractors and trades people to ensure they meet our high standard of professionalism, responsiveness, and customer service skills.
3) Relevant experience. Prior work is reviewed and verified by our staff.
4) Reference checks. We contact previous customers to gather real feedback.

How does it work?

Home renovations can be a real nightmare. Last year in the US, the Better Business Bureau had over 33,000 complaints in the home improvement industries! Finding someone, or some company, you trust to do your home renovations is not an easy task. From bad windows and roofs, to poor carpet installers and painters, to higher than expected pricing, trying to get 100% satisfaction can seem impossible.

Attempting to get timely bids and trying to get the work done in a timely fashion can be daunting. Angie’s List and Home Advisor are simply lead generators for the contractors. Bad contractors have no problem getting on their lists since these electronic lead generating companies just want the contractor’s money.

Here at Home Advocate Madison, we pride ourselves on looking out for the consumer. We’re on your side. We actually take the time to come out and meet with you, to see your projects, and get you the best fit with a fully vetted, reputable contractor at a fair price.

We’ll be there throughout the process to make sure you’re not one of the 33,000 people getting scammed.

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Home Renovator, Specific Contractor or General Contractor to handle many projects.

You want professionals that you can trust to help you remodel your home.  With Home Advocate Madison, you can get the building project you want done.  We take the annoyance of the typical home renovation company out and replace it with phenomenal customer service, which leads to extremely happy clients.

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How do you find the right home renovator professional?

The beauty of Home Advocate Madison is that we know the home renovation business locally.  We can use this knowledge and experience to help you utilize the best home remodeling professionals to get your home remodeling project completed.

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What materials, colors and styles?

When you have a remodeling project to get done, sometimes decisions can slow it down.  What materials would work and look the best?  What colors should you use for paint and cabinets?  These are decisons that Home Advocate Madison can help you with by utilizing vetted interior design professionals.

Contact Us

Feel free to call Home Advocate Madison to get your new project completed as quickly as possible.  Or simply fill out this form and let us know what home renovation project you need help with.

Remodeling Client Testimonials

“Jim’s ethical standards are high. He is honest and fair. I feel that I can trust Jim completely.”

“He came right over, we went thru the list with him, he did all the scheduling and got it all done in time – and for less than we had anticipated.”

“I highly recommend Jim to friends who need his expertise and connections to get any job done.”