4 Not-So-Fun Things to Expect During a Home Renovation

Carrying out renovations to your home is a big decision, as it can be costly, time-consuming and stressful. Careful planning before the renovation begins is crucial – not only does a budget need to be fixed but a schedule put in place to estimate the date of completion.

Not everything can be planned for, there will always be unexpected challenges that appear from out of the blue. With that said, here are four things you should expect during a renovation.

  1. Delays

It is normal to be both anxious and excited to see the end results of a renovation. After all, renovations take time to complete.

However, keep in mind that there will possibly be a few minor setbacks along the way. While schedules will be followed as closely as possible, accidents or unexpected events will occur periodically.

Example: One of the subcontractors, let’s say it’s the electrician, falls behind, or their truck breaks down, or whatever.  But the plumber can’t do his job until the electrician is finished. The plumber can’t wait, and starts another job. This, in turn, throws off the drywall installers and they have to start another job also. So, you can see the whole schedule and timing can be thrown off by days, if not longer.

At Renovation Advocate, we work hard with our fully vetted contractors to help prevent unnecessary delays.  We only work with experienced contractors who know how to stick to timetables.

  1. Noise

The seemingly constant noise of machines running, tools drilling, hammers clanking and saws whining will be present the entire time of the renovation.

There is nothing much you can do but grin and bear it. If you are working from home, it is advised to temporarily take your home office someplace else, as this space will not be a very conducive workplace for you.

  1. Dust, dirt and mess

During a renovation, be prepared dust, dirt and a general chaotic mess.

It is recommended you stay out of the house as much as possible, especially when sawing and drilling works are ongoing. If, by any chance, you are home during this phase of the construction, it is best to wear a mask to filter out the dust particles in the air.

Renovation Advocate stresses end-of-day clean-up to all our contractors. Minimizing this potential headache will make the process more enjoyable.

After the renovation is complete, clean the house thoroughly. If you’re already exhausted and irritable from the hassle of the renovation, sit back, relax and hire professional post renovation cleaners instead.

  1. Unpredictable changes

There are many decisions to be made during the renovation process, such as choosing which tiles to be bought for which part of the house, etc.

You will already have these things sorted out before the renovation begins, but along the way, there will be changes in the plans when things don’t go as expected or when pre-planning goes out the window.

Unpredictable changes can be minimized with thorough planning and good contractors that can help assist you along the way.

Beware of the exorbitant up-charges!  This is a common ploy of unprofessional, greedy contractors, who are skilled at trying to create higher profit margins.  All up-charges should be fully explained, including the cost, before implemented.

If you need help estimating how much your total renovation will cost, consult the Renovation Advocate.

Remodeling can be a very daunting process especially if it’s your first time. Hence, having trusted and reliable contractors are essential to keep your stress levels from skyrocketing.

Renovation Advocate specializes in choosing fully vetted professional contractors at a good value.

Jim Edwards is the Renovation Advocate.  His clients love how he gives them the options and advice from years of real world construction experience.  He has seen it all, fixed it all and helped homeowners create the home of their dreams. Jim can be reached at jim@renovation-advocate.com or by calling (608)480-1057.

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