Renovation Advocate Madison was founded on one principle: Help our clients get the home they want as smoothly as possible.

Home advocate madison does bathroom remodelsThrough the years, Jim Edwards, founder and CEO, has been involved with every aspect of home improvement and home sales.  He has been involved in commercial and residential industries like windows, roofing, cabinetry, flooring, insulation, energy inspections, lawn maintenance, counter-tops, heating/air conditioning, decks, patio enclosures, painting, and more.  He has worked with electricians, plumbers, carpenters, handymen, basement specialists, remodelers and home builders.  He even used to be in real estate sales, owning his own real estate company that worked with people who wanted to sell and/or build a home, so he understands that industry quite well.  This vast experience is what it truly takes to be on your side - to be your home advocate.  Knowing every aspect of the housing industry allows him and his team to help you with the seemingly large task of repairing, downsizing and moving.

Finally, you have someone with the knowledge and connections to assess the project, explain possible solutions, schedule vetted contractors if needed, and help see the project through to the end.  Someone you can trust.  We're on your side!

We can save you oodles of time, money and headaches.  No more getting the run around or getting scammed.  No more spending countless hours trying to get competitive bids.  No more waiting too long for the project to begin or get finished.  No more overpaying for services and products.  No more waiting and waiting for them to come back and fix something that wasn't done right in the first place.  No more trying to argue over "warranties"..... 

And we can show you how to save thousands on selling your home!

Simply give us a call and we can talk about your home and how this new system works.

Whether you want to get your home ready to sell, or you're thinking about buying a home, or you need just need some home projects completed, we can help.  We're always just one phone call away!  We even look for any financial assistance that might be available for you for certain projects.

Your Home Renovation Advocate,

Jim Edwards                                                                                                                                                                                     Founder/CEO Renovation Advocate Madison

(608) 480-1057

Email: info@renovation-advocate.com

Serving Dane County and Surrounding Area

“Jim was such a competent and trustworthy advocate that I can’t say enough about him and his company.  He did a complete analysis and had all the work done to his satisfaction. He handled everything. The work was all finished within two weeks and he saved me around $900.  He then showed me how to save over $20,000 selling my house, which sold in one month!  I saved over $21,000 and didn’t have to do a thing, he handled it all.  I highly recommend Jim and his program, Renovation Advocate Madison.”

Jack S. – Madison, WI