Renovation Advocate Madison is always looking for excellent contractors and trades people to join our network.  We are currently serving the Dane County Area.

Why Join The Renovation Advocate Madison network?

1) A win/win model.  You get to choose what kind of projects we send you to, and you only pay when you get the job.
2) Ready to go projects.  We meet with the homeowners, first, to look over the projects and discuss readiness, budget and scope of project. So by the time we contact you, the homeowners are all set to go!
3) Great matches.  Upon application approval, we meet with you to discuss the logistics of working with you and the scope of work you are looking for.
We can help you to really grow your business.  You need a few things to really grow a great home improvement business.  Some of those things are commonly forgotten or simply ignored.  Most of your competition fails to do most of these things, which makes it easy for the savvy business owner to thrive.
You need:
Answer all calls
Return messages that came in after-hours
Reply to all emails
Refer business you cannot or will not do to other trusted contractors
Keep your customers in the loop on progress
Let customers know if and when a problem arises
Understand your numbers
Know your metrics
Continually measure and improve
Communicate with your employees
Get systems in place to ease operations
Find a mentor that can help guide you
Get an easy to use website, logo, business cards, etc.
With a little help from some experienced pros, your business will grow to where you want it  quickly.