“Last month we were left a mess. We inherited a house that was a complete disaster. After talking with some realtors, home flippers, and our attorney, we were very lost and still didn’t know what to do. We met with Jim and in one week his crews had the house completely empty (it took them three dumpsters) and all the flooring, carpeting, pad, everything, stripped off. Per his instructions, we immediately put it up for sale and it sold in two days! We figured out that because we went with Renovation Advocate Madison, we received an additional $26,000 and didn’t have to do a thing! He really was on our side every step of the way.”

Jerry and Nancy – Belleville, WI


“Jim was such a competent and trustworthy advocate that I can’t say enough about him and his company. He did a complete analysis and had all the work done to his satisfaction. He handled everything. The work was all finished within two weeks and he saved me around $900. He then showed me how to save over $20,000 selling my house, which sold in one month! I saved over $21,000 and didn’t have to do a thing, he handled it all. I highly recommend Jim and his program, Renovation Advocate Madison.”

Jack S. – Madison, WI


“I hired Jim Edwards be my home project manager on many of my home improvements. He recommends and knows many competent trades companies. He oversees the projects and if a problem arises Jim is the one that contacts the company to insure the problem is resolved. He has saved me money and stress because of his expertise. I highly recommend him.

He really is the Home Owner’s Advocate.”

Donna H. from Verona, WI


“Jim is superb at his job. His knowledge about materials for the home that are good products, and good people who sell them, is wonderful for a home owner like me. And very important, Jim’s ethical standards are high. He is honest and fair. I feel that I can trust Jim completely. You can feel confident with Jim Edwards on the job.”

Beth L. from McFarland, WI


“Jim organized an experienced two person team to help put in my new windows that he recommended. The estimate was affordable and the quality surpassed my expectations. I liked that the team had years of experience and could easily make adjustments as needed to perfectly fit my windows. Extra framing solved a window issue and they had the wood and tools to professionally finish. I highly recommend Jim to friends who need his expertise and connections to get any job done.”

Theresa G. from Poynette, WI