Will Replacing the Windows on My Home Add Value?

Ok, you’re considering replacing the windows on your home, but you’re probably wondering will your home’s new market value equal the cost of the new windows.  The average return on investment (ROI) for a full-house window replacement project is around 75-80%, depending on many factors. That makes your investment one of the most lucrative home upgrades you can make.  Most home renovations tend to only return about 40-50% of the initial cost. So, strictly looking at the ROI, replacing your windows can add great value to your home. For example, if you were to spend $25,000 replacing your windows, your home’s value might increase by as much as $20,000.  But if you don’t replace your windows, the home may be sitting on the market for quite a while.

But there is more than just monetary value. Installing high quality new replacement windows in your home can add value in the form of appearance, functionality, cleanliness and comfort.  Your new windows will be easier to operate, so you won’t have to struggle to open or close them or use a book to prop it open on a nice day.  Your new replacement windows will also be SOOOO much easier to clean. Most people don’t clean their windows as often as they’d like to because of what an absolute pain it is!  What’s more, new windows will make it easier for your home to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature inside your home. Not only will this make your life much more comfortable, but if you’re trying to sell your home, the fact that you just replaced the windows will be a huge selling point with potential buyers.  Rickety, old, moldy windows will turn most potential buyers off. You see, they’re going to have all kinds of buying expenses like down payment, inspectors, closing costs, perhaps more furniture, blinds, appliances, movers, etc., etc. They may not have the resources, after all these expenses, to stick into getting new windows.  They’d rather you install them and raise the price so it just goes on their mortgage.

So to answer the question, will replacing your windows add value, the answer is yes.  And the sooner you replace them, the sooner you can enjoy them. Why let your new homeowners get all of the benefits, you deserve great windows too!

Jim Edwards is the Renovation Advocate.  His clients love how he gives them the options and advice from years of real world construction experience.  He has seen it all, fixed it all and helped homeowners create the home of their dreams. Jim can be reached at jim@renovation-advocate.com or by calling (608)480-1057.

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